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what will become of us? (and other existential thoughts)


A piece about the sound of typing and the questions I have about it.


Video is all original featuring place from Walmart to Copenhagen to my backyard


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Does Google Know My Name?

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A cubist approach to contemplations about the human race


Transcripts will be available soon.


Thank you to the U.S. government departments that provide copyright free assets. Shoutout to NASA


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Baby Chicken Embryos (and My Dad)

this is a retelling of one story out of dozens, that I frequently tell people when I talk about my parents / being an only child, my parents and I have become a team of three sorts. My sense of home has always centered on wherever the three of us are.


here my dad once told me that eggs were baby chicken embryos** in an attempt to guilt me into being vegan


**not even remotely true


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i just want to go home

an exploration of the idea of home being a sense of comfort.


Think of  how at the end of a night out  most of our relief comes when we're finally back home / a relief from the of pressure and forced socialization when going out. Human interaction is exhausting


(audio: instrumental of Kanye's "30 hours"


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