Jonnea J. Herman

I am a artist/designer/storyteller who is continually trying to engage with ideas and concepts bigger than myself.

I currently work as a Content and Marketing Designer at OpenSesame.

I currently have two art projects / aka ideas in progress aka / instagram accounts that can be followed at:
@myfavoritecolorisyellow_ and @jonnea_thestoryteller

I can be reached at: jonnea.herman@gmail.com


photo credit: Kamau Ware/Black Gotham Experiment

Featured shows/publications/workshops:

Poet Participant Write At Home Poetry Workshop // RemoteHomeroom (represented as ­Guanábana)
MoMaPS1 //
Queens, NY
i became obsessed with moving to nyc after watching home alone 2 and now im here (+ thing found in my room)
Salon Show #4 // Brooklyn, NY
Featured Artist/Creative Interview
PRGSSN // Chicago, IL
– there’s always white noise in horror movies (sound only)
– numbers are language too, like how statistics tell stories
– i think i have alot in common with bumblebees
this was my favorite hashtag
of 2016
Pro Tempore: Where Do We Go From Here? // Saratoga Springs, NY
From What I Can Remember
Installation and Performance Showcase // Florence, Italy
American Wasteland
Cover Design on Line Art Review Magazine // Saratoga Springs, NY
Featured Artist Vendor
Best Budz Presents: 4/20 Fair // Brooklyn, NY
Communication Design Thesis: I GOT SOME SHIT TO SAY
Senior Art Thesis Exhibition 2018 // Saratoga Springs, NY
-there’s always white noise in horror movies (sound only)
2017 Student Juried show // Saratoga Springs, NY
i just want to go home
Baby Chicken Embryos (and My Dad)
Digital Multimedia Showcase // Florence, Italy
Student Art in the Library: 2015-2016 Exhibition // Saratoga Springs, NY
Featured Artist Interview
Line Art Review Magazine // Saratoga Springs, NY
state of nature/danger
Featured student submission in Line Art Review Magazine // Saratoga Springs, NY
i love flamin hots (Trees)
2016 Juried Skidmore Student Exhibition // Saratoga Springs, NY