an installation where you duck under this blacked out shelter and are then subjected to a tense, slightly subdued soundscape. Layered over each other are audio samples of news reports, speeches, and interviews -exploring 2016 U.S. politics and media banter, with a focus on racism, sexism, and xenophobia.

a reflection of my time abroad in Italy and how I have grown as a person and artist / the time I‘ve spent in the city, spent in my apartment, spent with my roommates, spent with others have contributed to a renewed sense of self, shiny and new. Incorporating items from my adopted Italian home life

accompanied by an audio collage of recorded sounds of the city, meant to appeal to multiple senses to provide a more immersive space.

A series of pins using made using Adobe Illustrator, wood, a laser cutter and metal from the scrap bin, that are meant to convey an honest state of mind.

These pins are meant to take wearing your heart on your sleeve literally – or at least enact some public display of emotion that you can wear on your lapel. The idea is that they’ll help with ease the weight of existing.