I am the desiginer for the afrolatinx collective, Guanábana, where we aim to bring attention to at the intersection of Latindad cultures and Blackness throughout the diaspora. Our zines are currently on display at MoMaPS1’s, Homeroom.

An instgram DM from founder Duneksa came through to my inbox in June 2020. After meeting up and talking about our shared politics/values and the vision of the collective, I agreed to come aboard Guanábana as the graphic designer.

Since July, I have created flyers and gifs to promote monthly vigils to honor Black folks who have passed. In addition to holding space for mourning, we also create zines (which I’ve designed and are now part of the exhibition, Homeroom at MoMa PS1.) and organize free food/groceries for those in the community.

Recently, we have hosted an event at MOMA PS1, to highlight afrolatinx musicians and conduct a raffle to raise money.